Thanks to our location on the South of the Trevaresse Mountains, our vineyards are planted on an clay-sably-limonstone soil, beneficiating of more than 300 sunny days per year. A moderate Mistral (south French wind) allows us to benefit from a moderately humid ground. It is an important advantage to obtain healthy grapes, with a very qualitative taste specific to our wines.

Vine’s work

Wine making

In order to have very premium quality wine, the Château l’Evesque’s yields are between 18hl/ha on out top of the range product and 33hl/ha on our AOC Coteaux d’Aix en Provence.

Hand-picking, sorting table, stalk separator and good control of the cold during the whole process  of wine making provides our wine a remarkable quality.

Maturing in oak barrel is light for the rosé, essential as soon as the fermentation begin for our Ugni white wines and crucial for our red wines. We invite you to walk in our wine storehouse and to discover the cellar.


last but not least!

Our different vintages will mature in oak barrel in the wine storehouse of the new Château Les Hauts de l’Evesque.

We always prune to leave only four branches and two buds, make a precise bud pruning, a hand grapes harvesting, and a permanent control of the production. It gives to our wines their outstanding.

The wine making begin in the historical cellar of the Château l’Evesque, built to help the gravitation work necessary for the process.

Climate and Terroir

Aix en ProvencE